God is preparing to do an incredible work through Awaken City Church and we want to make sure we let everyone know about it!  Over the past few weeks we have had many great conversations with potential Launch Team members.  We are blown away at how God is shaping our team and their journey to be part of Awaken City Church (I will post our launch team members soon).  I was reminded this morning during my quiet time that God has given the church a message of reconciliation and hope.   He has given us a remedy Read more

Lessons Learned: I AM CERTAIN


I have been told that church planting will provide a garden of opportunity for learning  new things, relearning old things, and provide opportunities for working through current short comings.  For me the first lesson in our new trajectory has not been a surprise.  Faith and reality intersect to create a point of opportunity.  For some, this opportunity can be met with great fear.  This point, however, is a point of decision and even indecision (which IS a decision).  It’s a point where those around you are frozen in time waiting for you to make THE decision that is in front of you.  To get to January 20th, 2015 at 1:20pm (the moment I decided that we had to obey God and move forward with His call to Read more

On the road again…


“There are no little people, there are no little places in God’s vineyard.”

This is a thought that really spoke to me about how God can use ordinary people like you and I, in His vineyard, to do amazing things.  Today we are heading down to St. Augustine to look for potential areas to live.  Please be in prayer that God would guide us to the location where He Read more