I took some much needed time away from the blog world this summer. I spent some the time just listening to God and celebrating life change in the student ministry.  Over time I plan to open up on a few things that God showed me this summer, but for now I will focus my attention to the real reason I posted today.  Today we celebrate our Bode’s birthday.

My taco eating clone turns 5 today!  It’s hard to believe the ‘baby’ of the family is 5 now.  It’s just another simple reminder of how precious every moment is that God give us.  I truly love my family, my life and what God has called me to.  To our little man, happy birthday!


Guest Blogger: Kelly Spinney
One of my favorite times at Southbrook is serving as an adult leader on the Student beach trip. To see the Spirit move in the lives of students in such a short, concentrated timeframe leaves me in awe of an Almighty God and how much He loves us. I am privileged to see chains dropped,

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Summer Camp: Day 3

June 19, 2014 — Leave a comment

I am so encouraged by what is happening at Beach Camp. God is making small changes in the lives of the students that will yield significant changes over the course of their lives. We have students Continue Reading…

Summer Camp: Day 2

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Incredible things are happening in the lives of the students. Today our leaders saw some wonderful things begin to happen during the family group times. I was personally helping a sick student so Continue Reading…

Summer Camp: Day 1

June 16, 2014 — Leave a comment

We have arrived, had beach time, eaten incredible food and have been prepped for an incredible week. The emphasis of our time here this week is to wrestle with and begin to answer this simple question, Continue Reading…