Take a step and repeat.

If you are anything like me then perhaps you like good instructions or directions. If you consider meeting a group of friends at a new place and all you have been told is to ‘meet by the tree downtown’, you could be left desiring more information. Our walk with the Lord can feel like this sometimes. 

 I have been asked over the course of the past year about why we moved to St. Augustine. The answer, of course, is the Lord led us here. When I ponder the simple fact that He led us here, the next obvious question is  ‘what’s next?”.  The answer is ‘so much more,keep walking’.

I have been encouraged by the Word and by others to keep after it. Take a step and then repeat. Have you ever considered what a life of faith should look like? Is it a one and done type of thing? Looking at the life of Jesus He was committed to the will of the Father. He spent everymoent focused on the will of His Father.  In all things He gave glory to His Father. 

I do pray that whatever journey God has you on that you are encouraged; that you are committeed to all the steps necessary to do His will. If you consider that for a span of time (our lives) we get to step in harmony with His leading.  During this time we get to be a part of so many little steps that have huge eternal impacts.  So keep after it!  Take that step or that 100th step, just keep going.

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