No. 10:Enjoy Every Moment of 2017.

I have never publicly declared my goals as part of the kick off of the new year so I figured I would give it a try for 2017.  So here are my top 10 starting with No. 10!

10. Enjoy every moment of 2017.

If I can be honest, it’s difficult to actually enjoy every moment of life.  I now with the help/facade of social media, it is easy to paint a picture of enjoyment, but if I am honest I don’t really like folding clothes, I don’t really like cleaning the garage, I don’t really like the food that I take pictures of, and I don’t really like all of the day-to-day tasks that occupy my mind and prevent it from engaging in moments of wonder (more on that in the coming days).

I have always enjoyed dreaming and looking 5 years down the road.  This fills me.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with dreaming/planning.  I recognize that because of how I am wired, it is sometimes difficult to enjoy the mundane, day-to-day things which are part of my life; but I pose this simple question for myself and perhaps you.  Who says day-to-day things are mundane?  Is it because I don’t enjoy them that I try to plow through them as quickly as possible?  Perhaps…but what if I looked at those things differently…perhaps from a different angle.  Maybe those mundane things would become daily opportunities.

So for 2017 I am choosing to enjoy every moment and look for a way to make a memory.  So from taking the trash out, wrestling with my chores, cleaning the garage, or even picking up legos on the stairs I WILL enjoy every moment and take it all in.  We get one shot at life, so let’s make it count.

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