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Billy_staffBilly has over 15 years as a creative problem solver in the fields of Audio Engineering, Web Design, Stage & Lighting Design, and Creative work flow. Billy is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Florida and has served on several church staff’s over the years.

Here are a few challenges that Billy has provided solutions for:

Multi Site Venue:

  • As the Creative Pastor at Calvary Port St. Lucie, Billy helped orchestrate a multi site approach for the Church.  This solution included video, audio and lighting design elements.
  • Billy helped design and develop processes and equipment integration to successfully achieve a video venue.

Website/Application Experience Designer:

  • As a the Creative Pastor for Southbrook Church, Billy lead a team that redesigned the church website.  In addition, Billy also orchestrated offsite video storage/playback integration and a mobile app solution.
  • Billy worked with a team and third party developers to deliver an end product that included integration and implementation.

Media/Social Engagement Engineer:

  • Billy has created media and social engagement strategies aimed at communicating direction and vision.

Experience Designer/Engineer:

  • Billy has engineered design experiences for church congregations that have included assimilation process development, training/discipleship, and vision implementation.
  • Billy has also reviewed online experiences and social experiences in order to provide valuable feedback in order to improve the experience.

At the end of the day you need a consultant that has extensive experience and who can provide you with sharp creativity in order to solve your problem or challenge.  Billy is ministry minded and wants your ministry to thrive.  Please contact Billy for a free consultation on what you could do to solve your challenge.