I love music.  There is a certain connection with God that I experience when I experience authentic worship.  I have come to learn that it usually is unplanned and even unfiltered.  Words have such deep meaning.  Paring words with time, and rhythm create powerful opportunities.  I believe in the local church as the expression and vehicle that God uses to reach our world.  I serve as a musician in the local expression of worship in our Jesus community.

I am a percussionist and guitarist by trade. I enjoy making soundscapes with every day opportunities.  I have listed my gear below to give you an idea of what I am currently musing with.

2001 American Made Fender Stratocaster
2011 Fender Telecaster American Standard
1999 Gretsch Sparkle Jet (Gold, Pre-Fender)


Pedals and Signal Flow:

JHS pulp and peel  >
BBE Sonic Stomp >
JHS Colour Box >
Selah Effect Scarlet Love (loop channel #1) >
JHS mod Tube Screamer (loop channel #2) >
Caroline Guitar Icarus clean boost (loop channel #3) >
Dunlop mc 404 wah – Ernie ball volume (buffered through looper between channels 4-5) >
JHS mod micro Pog (loop channel #4) >
Boss TU tuner/Kill Switch (loop channel #5) >
JHS Panther Cub (loop channel #6) >
JHS Alpine (loop channel #7)>
T1M mod Strymon El Capistan (Stereo loop channel #8) >
Strymon Blue Sky (stereo loop channel #8) >