One Year Ago Today

One year ago today we were packing up the van to head north…literally.  It’s been a fast paced first year in North Carolina.  Our family has enjoyed every minute of it.  When you know you are where God wants you, you can be content with just about anything…seriously.  I wanted to use this post to highlight a few things from this past year:

1. Kelli and I celebrated 8 years of marriage, and had one of the best meals of all time  ROOSTERS KITCHEN (thanks Matt Hoag for the recommendation).

2. We have had the opportunity to be a part of a fantastic Church led by Pastor Rob!

3.  I have watched my wonderful…super hot wife become an awesome teacher (teaching two of our 4 kids), great photographer, and wonderful cook.

4. Have stepped along side a bunch of students who love Jesus and have committed their lives to growing closer to Him.

5. Have gotten the opportunity to know a bunch of wonderful people I call staff buddies.  Seriously…these people all ROCK!

6. Have learned a lot about faith, community and loving the lost.

7. Have had the opportunity to co-minister along some of the best volunteers.  I would go to war with these folks!

8. Found one of the best taco trucks ever.

9. Got introduced to one of the most ferocious ‘demon’ bugs ever…thanks NC…my wife really appreciates this one!

Seriously, for  those of you who took time to read this far I appreciate it.  Kelli and I are honored to be at Southbrook Church…honored to call North Carolina home and looking expectantly towards the future.



  • So glad to have you with us Billy! It’s great to know that you are right where God wants you and I’m so glad you’re at Southbrook. Hope to have opportunities to get to know the two of you better in year #2!

  • I love how God works!! The Kush’s love your family so much & we are so thankful God brought you all to NC! I could weep everytime I think about it…thank you for being obedient, passionate, & for giving it all for the Kingdom. You all are incredibly special!

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